Zuckerberg Out for Blood

Issue 58

02.15.21 - Reports of a long-time feud between Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Apple CEO Tim Cook have resurfaced, with recent reports detailing angry comments apparently made by Zuckerberg in 2018.

As the tension over Facebook's data collection practices builds up, Tim Cook gave an interview on national television. In the interview, Cook claimed Apple would never have found itself in the same position as the social media company.

Many sources familiar with the matter said Zuckerberg's comments in private went far beyond his public response that Cook was being "extremely glib." The Facebook chief reportedly told his team that 'we need to inflict pain,' for what he considered to be the poor treatment of his company, the report said.  

Cook revealed that he was annoyed over business models that prioritized engagement above all and gathered user data to target users with advertising. Although he didn't mention Facebook by name, it was a fairly transparent jibe at the social media network.

A new iOS update will make it far easier for users to decline to have their data tracked to enable targeted advertisements. Tracking can already be switched off on Apple devices, but only if users search through their settings to disable it. Facebook is trying to get ahead of the move by asking users for permission to track their data so it can target them with ads.

Source: Wall Street Journal