White House Issues Cybersecurity Order

Issue 71

In the wake of the cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline, President Biden has issued an executive order on Wednesday that implements strict new standards for cybersecurity software sold to the government.

After the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, which left the East Coast scrambling for gasoline, the threat of a cyberattack on infrastructure has become a significant worry for the Biden administration.  Over the past year, roughly 2,400 ransomware attacks have hit corporate, local, and federal offices furthering the need for effective countermeasures.

Biden’s executive order will require all software purchased by the government to meet a new set of standards as well as the implementation of an incident review board to analyze previous incidents regarding cybersecurity.  The order will also require all federal agencies to encrypt their data, so in the event that data is stolen, it will be much harder for cyberattackers to decode the file.

President Biden has also implemented sanctions on Russia for the SolarWinds hack in which the hackers were working for the Russian government.  Biden has not yet taken a similar approach towards China when they stole 21.5 million files containing information about federal employees and contractors holding security clearances in 2015.

The Biden administration hopes that this executive order will act as a role model for the private sector as cybersecurity becomes an important aspect for organizations of all kinds.

Source: Wall Street Journal