What is Pfizer Doing in Latin America?

Issue 96

Drugmaker Pfizer has been employing “high-level bullying” against at least two Latin American countries during negotiations to acquire vaccines according to a recent investigation, including requesting the nations put sovereign assets as collateral for payments and demanding that the company be protected from any lawsuits pertaining to negligence and demanding that countries put up sovereign assets as collateral.  The company has been virtually holding these companies to the fire with extortion level tactics demanding executive decrees to protect the company from lawsuits in order to provide the countries with the much-needed vaccines.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ), a UK-based nonprofit media organization in an investigation unveiled in February said the pharmaceutical company’s negotiation technique led to a months-long delay in reaching a deal in one country, and the total failure to reach an agreement with two others, Argentina and Brazil.

Source: Al Jazeera