Unknown SK Hynix Rides AI Boom

In recent weeks Nvidia has continued to show off its success as the company’s market cap reached a new all-time high on Thursday. What many people may be unaware of, however, is Nvidia’s growing success has allowed for less-known South Korean company SK Hynix to soar its stock price alongside Nvidia.

SK Hynix has dominated the supply end of the chip boom as packaged with every one of the H100 processors is a high-bandwidth memory (HBM) chip manufactured by SK Hynix. About a decade ago SK Hynix bet heavily on high-end HBMs and that bet didn’t pay off until the rise of AI. AI requires top-of-the-line HBM and in the early stages of the market boom, SK Hynix was the clear leader in the industry. That gap is slowly closing as Samsung is working quickly to produce a product of a similar caliber.

The result of Nvidia’s success, however, has allowed SK Hynix to see one of its best years as the company’s market cap has shot up by 60% since the beginning of the year.

Source: Wall Street Journal