Toyota Temporarily Shuts Down Japan Manufacturing

Issue 112

Toyota, the world's largest carmaker, shut down all its factories within Japan today in response to a recent cyber-attack on one of the company’s biggest suppliers for the region.

The supplier in question is known as Kojima Press Industries and sustained systems failures in which the origin has yet to be confirmed.

Leading officials around the world are warning companies of increasing risks to cyber security following the invasion of Russia. While many have come to assume that the attack on Kojima is of Russian origin, neither Toyota nor Kojima have confirmed this suspicion.

Toyota’s decision to shut down production throughout Japan will result in the temporary closure of a total of 14 manufacturing plants which employs a total of 70,000 Japanese citizens. Putting a halt on production will also result in a reduction of vehicle production estimated to reach 13,000 vehicles.

Fortunately for the companies, Toyota does not expect to maintain the closure of its Japanese plants for long. The company stated that it will likely resume production come Wednesday.

Source: Financial Times