TikTok Seeks to Appease Regulators with $1.5 Billion Investment

The TikTok saga continues as the social media company goes back and forth with regulators as to whether or not the popular video-sharing app will be able to continue operating within the United States.

TikTok has been struggling recently as several U.S. officials have pushed for the app to be banned from being used on government-issued devices. In addition, many are pushing further to get the app completely banned from the country. TikTok is running out of time and has now proposed a $1.5 billion plan to reorganize the company’s U.S. operations to better satisfy regulatory concerns.

The reorganization plan will allow for greater transparency and oversight over content-recommendation algorithms in hopes that this will convince U.S.-officials that TikTok’s U.S.-based operations can act independently of the Chinese parent company ByteDance.

Source: Wall Street Journal