Thousands of Macs Infected With Malware

Issue 59

02.22.21 - Nearly 30,000 Macs around the world have reportedly been infected with a mysterious malware. The malware in question, which is called Silver Sparrow, is not demonstrating the usual behaviors that experts expect from malware that targets macOS systems, according to experts on the subject.

It is not yet entirely clear what the intention of the malware is. Silver Sparrow reportedly possesses a self-destruct mechanism that appears to have not been activated at this point, researchers have stated, and nobody seems to know what exactly could trigger the mechanism.

The malware contains code that runs natively on Apple's in-house M1 chip - which was released in November - making it only the second known malware to do so.

As of mid-February, Silver Sparrow infected Macs in 153 countries, with higher concentrations reported in the US, UK, Canada, France and Germany, according to recent data on the subject.

Source: The Verge