The Apple Ad Saga

As previously reported by Brookfield Brief, the release of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature has caused the company to have to rethink its methods of raising money.  As the feature can significantly increase user satisfaction by ensuring greater data privacy and transparency, the company has lost significant sums due to decreased ad revenue.

Apple stated that a potential solution would be to increase advertising on first-party apps such as Apple Maps, etc.  Not only has Apple been impacted by the decrease in advertising but Meta and Twitter have all reported significant losses in ad revenue due to Apple’s decision.  While Apple does not intend to return to its old methods of advertising the company is taking alternate methods to solve the problem.

Apple is looking to hire more members to their advertising team looking to fill enough spots to quadruple their advertising department.  The company is seeking ways in which they can bring back effective advertising while maintaining privacy and transparency for their users.  Some have stated that this will be impossible, but the company is holding strong to its beliefs and claim that it can change the world of advertising to be more “privacy centric.”

Source: CNBC