Starlink and OneWeb's New Internet

Issue 58

02.15.21 - For those that are unfamiliar OneWeb and SpaceX’s Starlink, they have been constructing a massive constellation of thousands of satellites to help deliver 5G internet connectivity and low latency broadband to the world.

Starlink has now started to offer $99 preorders of the service to general public.  In the last 2 weeks it has gathered over 10,000 customers.  As of now the service is live with limited coverage. The initial stated goal was to provide internet connectivity to rural areas.  However, the end goal could be far more ambitious in displacing ground telecom networks entirely. One of OneWeb’s satellites are said to enable coverage over a space as big as Alaska.

When these companies meet their goal of total global coverage, the potential for these companies to become the new guard for connectivity seems endless.  How long will it be before the infrastructure is in place to allow internet connectivity to mobile devices to satellite internet networks? How much really stands in the way of these two companies from owning internet connectivity right out from under the sitting network gatekeepers?

Network infrastructure and creative disruption is coming and the barriers to that end are becoming seemingly less obstructive.

Source: Yahoo News