Space Tourism Around the Corner

Issue 74

Jeff Bezos's space tourism company, known as Blue Origin, is finally ready to take passengers into space after over twenty years of investment and preparation.
Blue Origin is one of several companies that have begun to take part in the possibility of space tourism in which customers will pay for a four-day experience that consists of three days of training followed by an 11-minute flight to suborbital space with an altitude of roughly 100 kilometers.  The capsule contains leather viewing seats, time to experience zero gravity, and the largest viewing window in the history of space travel.
The company has had a total of fourteen successful unmanned flights with the 15th to be the first containing passengers.  The flight is scheduled to take place on the 20th of July which will mark the 52nd anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.   The capsule can carry up to six passengers with Jeff Bezos being one of them.  There is only one seat open for purchasing and the bid has already reached $2.8 million as of Monday, June 7.
Bezos has been selling off his stake in Amazon to fund Blue Origin and his goal of making space travel common for the public.  This new dream comes as Bezos is ready to let go of Amazon and give the title of CEO to Andy Jassy on July 5th.
There is no specified date for when Blue Origin will begin taking regular customer flights, however, the industry is continuing to grow, and tourist space flights are likely to become a thing of the present.

Source: CNBC