Shots Fired In Epic Games and Apple Legal Battle

Issue 69

Last August Epic Games announced it would take the proverbial Goliath that is Apple to court after it removed the company’s hit game Fortnite from the App store.

Epic Games in court has claimed that Apple has left users and developers “trapped” in an anticompetitive marketplace.  In testimony during the anti-trust trial, it was also alleged that Apple made a whopping 78% operating margin on its App Store based on expert research. Marketing intelligence company Sensor Tower estimates that Apple generated an estimated $22 billion in commissions from its App Store.  Apple has moved to bar Epic from discussing its financial data in court.

Epic is positioning itself as the voice of the people or developers seeking to disrupt what the company describes as the iOS “walled garden”.  Epic has also alleged that the business model by design was anti-competitive dating back to Steve Jobs's tenure as CEO.

The legal fight will be long and ongoing, but time will tell whether Epic Games will go the way of Spartans in this litigious battle of Thermopylae.

Source: Bloomberg