Regeneron's Vaccine Alternative

Issue 96

Alternatives to Covid-19 vaccinations continue to gain traction as Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. stated that its new monoclonal antibody drug can give significant protection for those who have not been vaccinated.

Through extensive testing, the new drug known as REGEN-COV is believed to reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19 by 81.6% for up to eight months when compared to the control group. The company believes that this will be an attractive alternative to those who are unable to receive the vaccine due to an impaired immune system.

The study was conducted on individuals who were living with someone who has recent exposure to Covid-19. Participants within the study were given the option of receiving the vaccine after the first month of the study. Over the eight-month study, none of the participants within the group that received the REGEN-COV group were hospitalized whereas six participants within the control group had to receive medical treatment.

“These data add to the increasing body of evidence supporting the use of REGEN-COV to prevent COVID-19 in uninfected individuals,” said Regeneron President and Chief Scientific Officer George D. Yancopoulos.

Monoclonal antibodies are different from a traditional vaccine as the drug utilizes laboratory-made antibodies to fight against the virus, whereas the vaccine attempts to train the immune system to create the antibodies itself.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of REGEN-COV as a treatment for those who have already constructed Covid-19, however, has yet to authorize its use as a preventative measure.

Regeneron has stated that it will continue to push for further authorization, but it is unclear if and when the drug will be authorized for wider use.

Source: Barrons