OneWeb to Launch 100,000 Satellites

Issue 109

Greg Wyler, Founder of Britain’s OneWeb, has announced his plans to create his latest business venture known as E-space that will launch 100,000 satellites into earth's orbit.

The company stated on Monday that it had raised $50 million in funding from Prime Movers Lab which is known for investing in scientific start-ups.

The 100,000 satellites that E-Space intends to launch will be designed to deliver specific commercial services to businesses and governments with secure communications. The satellites will be some of the smallest satellites within the earth’s orbit and will also have equipment designed to manage space debris.

Space Debris has been a growing concern as the number of satellites in earth’s orbit increases so does that of potential collisions. Since 2019 the number of satellites has increased by fifty percent with the European Space Agency estimating a total of 330 million pieces of space debris currently floating in orbit.

Wyler has stated that his satellites will be beneficial for the issue of space debris as his satellites are significantly smaller than most and will be designed to “crumple” rather than break apart on impact with other debris. The satellites will also be equipped with the capability to capture debris that it encounters and then safely release it out of orbit once the satellite has reached its capacity. Wyler describes the process to work “Like oysters in the river that filter the river and clean it, our satellites are the first to be designed to clean space. The more satellites we have, the cleaner space will be.”

E-Space has received all the licenses needed to move forward with its latest venture and will begin launching test satellites this year.

Source: Financial Times