nsight Partners On A Massive $12B Raise

Issue 58

02.15.21 - One of the oldest private investment firms in tech is going on a massive capital raise for a new flagship fund. The New York based firm, Insight Partners, is kicking off the raise within the coming months. The flagship fund is set to launch less than a year after the firm raised $9.5 billion for its last fund.  The firm also plans to silo off $875 million exclusively on preferred equity investments.

Insight Partners is primarily focused on later-stage private investments for technology companies, as well as traditional private equity buyout deals.  It’s a pretty cut and dry model -chasing software companies that are going to keep spitting out recurring revenue.

The investor demand for tech-focused private investments has continued to soar. The pandemic only drove that demand further with a projected market size for software collaboration tools poised to hit over $312 billion this year, almost a 20% increase from 2020.

While public markets are booming, investors are seeking more shelter in private investments - as tech companies are staying private longer than usual, with better return opportunities in the private sphere.

Source: Wall Street Journal