New York State Sues Amazon Over Labor Conditions

Issue 59

02.22.21 - The New York Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against Amazon that claims that the online retailer has not done enough to adequately protect its workers from COVID-19. Amazon has returned fire to the NY AG claiming the state’s case doesn’t present an accurate picture of its pandemic response.

This case brought by the state AG follows on the heals from a lawsuit from Amazon last week suing the AG to prevent the state from taking legal action against the company over the handling of worker safety during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the firing of one of its workers last year who accused the company of wrongful termination.

The company spokeswoman has stayed steadfast against the attorney generals claims point at the billions in spending by Amazon to maintain a safe working environment during the pandemic and also addressing the termination of one of its workers for violating the guidelines and protections the company had set in place to keep its employees safe.  The worker in question also participated in a walkout during the pandemic demanding higher hazard pay, default tips, and sick pay.

The company clearly anticipated state action in its lawsuit last week and stated in the suit that the state lacked the legal authority to regulate Amazon and that its activities fell under Federal Authority.  The company all but accused the New York AG of a shakedown.

Source: Wall Street Journal