Netflix Moving Into Gaming?

Issue 81

During its most recent quarterly earnings call, Netflix has officially confirmed plans to bring video games to its service closing in on a market expected to be worth over $1 trillion by 2027. Rumors about Netflix making games had started to spread earlier this month after the company hired former EA and Facebook executive Mike Verdu to be the vice president of game development.

Netflix eventually confirmed that report, and then revealed that it would soon start developing mobile games for subscribers. It’s not really clear what Netflix’s long-term plans are, but a new leak suggests it might involve teaming up with PlayStation.

Around the time of Netflix’s announcement, data miner Steve Moser jumped into the app in search of clues. According to Moser, the gaming feature uses the codename “Shark,” that was uncovered deep within the app’s code as well as “Netflix Game” logo hiding in the app.  One thing might be all but assured.

Source: Yahoo Finance