NASA Postpones Artemis Moon Launch

NASA’s ambitions to return to the glory days of sending humans to the moon were quickly halted Monday morning when engineers spotted several issues with the 322-foot-tall rocket’s cooling system.

The rocket was set to launch Monday morning from launch pad 39B at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center, the same launch pad that sent the Apollo 17 rocket to the moon. NASA engineers are trying to determine the cause for the issues with the rocket and will hopefully be prepared for another launch which has been scheduled for this coming Friday.

The effectiveness of the rocket will be the first test for Boeing and Northrop Grumman the rocket's primary contractors, as this mission will be a significant determinant of whether or not Boeing can compete within the space industry.

The mission that was unfortunately canceled was due to carrying an unmanned Orian capsule around the moon which would then lead to a human mission in 2024 and finally Americans landing on the moon in 2025.

Source: Financial Times