Lockdown Home Improvement

Issue 51

12.28.20 - As the world spent most of the year locked down, Americans started looking around their homes in disgust and decided to do some home improvements in a big way.

After consumers thought it might be a good idea to tile the bathroom 6 times, Lowes saw it’s sales increase by more than 30% over the past two quarters.

Home Depot had its best quarter in over 20 years taking in a whopping $38 billion in sales from May to August.

Home improvement is a prime example of where spending shifts will move even in times of crisis. Consumers will find new and exciting ways to allocate their capital no matter what happens.

For investors, macro events are a godsend, they provide predictability in where spending might occur. As we continue to review performance across sectors for our yearly round-up we can begin to identify where consumer trends will continue as this strange year comes to a conclusion.

Source: Bloomberg