Lamborghini Greenwashed

Issue 107

Lamborghini has announced it is set to fully electrify its range, first with an all-plug-in-hybrid lineup, and then with the planned launch of a fourth model that will be a pure EV.

"This is a big challenge for the company, but it's also good news for all of us," Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann said in an interview "we want to keep the DNA of the brand unchanged, but we want to reduce the emissions by at least 50 percent starting from 2025 onward."

The manufacturer claims this new plan isn’t going to diminish the sound and fury that Lamborghini models are most famous for, in the short term at least. Winkelmann confirmed our earlier reports that the Aventador replacement will use a version of the current car’s characterful powerplant in addition to hybrid assistance.

Source: CNBC