Lack of AM Radio in EVs Causing Federal Concern

Electric vehicles may be exposed to some safety concerns as several former administrators for the Federal Emergency Management Agency argue that a lack of AM radio can be extremely dangerous to drivers during an emergency.

Manufacturers such as Tesla and Ford have decided to eliminate AM radio from newer models of EVs stating that the motor emits the same wavelength as AM radio and results in interference on both ends. The former administrators for the FEMA have stated that it is the government’s responsibility to ensure that car makers are continuing to allow AM radio access as it is a critical tool for providing emergency information to drivers.

AM radio is one of the key tools that the FEMA uses to provide information on natural disasters and extreme weather. In addition, AM radio is often the last defense as the frequency has numerous fail-safes ensuring that the information can be broadcasted when all else fails. AM radio is also currently capable of transmitting information to nearly 90% of the American public. While only 47 million people listen to AM radio, the system has continued to prove itself to be the most effective and reliable way of transmitting information during an emergency event.

Source: Wall Street Journal