KKR Led Group Buying CyrusOne for $15 Billion

Issue 97

CyrusOne, a company that deals in real-estate investment as well as builds and operates data centers, announced Monday that it will be selling the company to KKR and Global Infrastructure Partners for a total valuation of $15 billion.

Since CyrusOne went public in 2013 the company achieved success through a significant increase in data usage. Since the announcement of the acquisition, CyrusOne stock has grown in value by 4.5% reaching a valuation of $89.27 per share. KKR and GIP have agreed to purchase the company for $90.50 per share.

This acquisition is just a small portion of KKR and GIP’s dominance of the market as KKR already has $460 billion in assets with GIP being one of the largest infrastructure investors around the globe with $79 billion in assets.

The deal is expected to be finalized in the second quarter of 2022.

Source: Reuters