Iran and Hackers, We're Not Worried

Iran and Hackers, We're Not Worried

Issue 2

01.13.20 - Within the first week of 2020 WW3 was trending as a meme, indicative of how unfazed Americans seem to be able to make light of pretty much everything. Our biggest frustration is that our social media feeds went from Baby Yoda memes to satire about a potential draft.

Since the death of Iran’s General Qassem Soleimani at the hands of a U.S. targeted attack, many have been wondering if Iran will take more steps to retaliate further. In the age of cybersecurity, many have been worried about the threat of Iranian hackers. The Department of Homeland Security has since issued a warning that there has been increased cyberattacks on U.S. networks from the region that Iran just so happens to occupy.

The question we should first be asking ourselves is not how worried we should be, but rather what are Iranian hackers even capable of hacking? Other than seeing a number of random websites defaced by supposed Iranian hackers, most of the potential cyber threats we’re told we should be worried about seem completely overblown. What we’ve seen emerge from Iranian hackers have been low-level attempts to deface library websites and such, hardly even qualifying as a cyberattack.

Although Iran can’t be completely written off as a potential cyber threat, we have yet to see anything substantial from them besides basic internet noise that happens on a daily basis. Read More