GSK Looks to Acquire Affinivax for $3.3 Billion

Issue 125

GlaxoSmithKline, aka GSK, is looking to buy Boston-based Affinivax in a deal valued as high as $3.3 billion to bolster GSK’s presence in the vaccine market.

The UK drugmaker GSK, which is known for being one of the world’s largest drugmakers, is looking to bolster that title by offering Affinivax $2.1 billion upfront with an additional $1.2 billion for Affinivax’s new vaccine for bacterial pneumococcal infections passes a series of trials.

The vaccines’ trials have seen significant success and are now looking to begin testing on adults over the age of 50. The company has stated that due to past trials and extensive research, they have extremely high hopes for the success of the upcoming trial.

The vaccines that Affinivax has developed focus primarily on antigen development which teaches the immune system to recognize pathogens and create protective antibodies. The current vaccine will help protect against pneumonia and meningitis and then may be further used to prevent hospital-acquired infections.

Last year the US Food and Drug Administration gave the new vaccine the status of “breakthrough therapy” that is designed to help the vaccine enter the market earlier than normal.

Source: Financial Times