Google's Not So Incognito Browsing

Issue 23

06.15.20 - Surprise, Surprise, Google is collecting your data even when they suggest that they’re not. If you’ve ever used Google’s incognito browser, stop it. You are about as incognito as the man in the yellow hat from Curious George.

Google is facing a $5 Billion class action lawsuit for tracking people in incognito browsing mode.

The lawsuit accuses the tech giant of invading people's privacy and tracking internet use even when browsers are switched to "private" mode. The suit, filed Tuesday in the US District Court for the Northern District of California, alleges that Google violates wiretapping and privacy laws by continuing to "intercept, track, and collect communications" even when people use Chrome's incognito mode and other private web browser modes.

"Google tracks and collects consumer browsing history and other web activity data no matter what safeguards consumers undertake to protect their data privacy," reads the complaint.

The search giant surreptitiously collects data through Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager, website plug-ins and other applications, including mobile apps, according to the complaint. However, it’s likely that buried somewhere in their privacy agreement wrapped in monotonous legal syntax they tell you that they do this even when browsing in incognito.

If you want to truly be incognito, here’s what you can do right now: Download a VPN, we suggest Proton VPN, it’s a Swiss company the Swiss are religious about privacy, then set DuckDuckGo as your default browser or download Brave. This is not sponsored, you’re welcome.

Source: CNET