Google Fires 12,000 Employees

Alphabet announced on Friday that the company will reduce its workforce by 6% resulting in layoffs of 12,000 employees. With recent layoffs within the tech sector, many have seen this coming but numerous employees were shocked by the sheer volume of layoffs in addition to how they were notified.

Several employees were shocked when they showed up for work and found that they lost access to several parts of company property. In addition, a significant portion of the employees that were fired were long-time employees or had recently been promoted.

CEO Sundar Pichai emailed employees on Friday announcing the layoffs and asked employees to please hold questions until a “town hall” on Monday. Employees were not prepared to wait that long and quickly began creating online chat rooms in an attempt to find out who has been fired.

Alphabet announced that this will not be the end of layoffs for the company, they also stated that they are discussing international layoffs but have yet to determine where exactly those layoffs will be targeted.

Source: Wall Street Journal