Google Facing "Likely" Antitrust Charges

Google Facing "Likely" Antitrust Charges

Issue 19

05.18.20 - Two insiders within the Justice Department have revealed the Departments intentions to pursue antitrust charges against Google, the multinational technology giant. The charges are said to be coming as early as this summer, making it one of the largest antitrust actions in the United States in history and certainly since the 90s.

The Justice Department has reportedly been continually investigating the internet mega-giant and it is believed they have made significant progress in bringing legal action to the organization. It is reported that there has been a primary focus on Google’s strength within the online advertising community.

Many within the legal community expect state attorney generals to join the Justice Departments case against Google.

The DOJ began exploring the idea of investigating the internet behemoth last year, and US Attorney General William Barr has stated his desire to bring antitrust charges against Google as early as this summer.

Google also faces a probe by the House Judiciary Committee alongside three of its tech peers. That probe, which is now expected to wrap up in the spring, will culminate with legislative proposals, rather than an enforcement action.

Source: New York Times