Google Encrypt

Issue 75

As cybersecurity becomes more important for businesses and consumers across the globe, Google has introduced new methods for encrypting information within the Google Workspace platform.

Google will soon implement the option for consumers to create encrypted files for tools such as Gmail, Chat, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and more.  The encryption keys will be given directly to the consumer with the choice of storing the key with one of Google’s four partners (Flowcrypt, Futurex, Thales, or Virtru).

In addition, later this year Google will test a service in which organizations will be able to develop their own key solutions giving the company full control over their encryption keys.  This is just one step Google is taking to further cybersecurity for the company's clients by increasing the protection of sensitive data that may be stored on Google Workspace documents.  Google is also implementing phishing and malware detection capabilities to Google Workspace that are intended to actively protect compromised files from being shared with organizations.

The sharing of files will continue to be a feature of Google Workspace with the addition of “trust rules” in which organizations can actively restrict the sharing of files to external accounts to hopefully limit the possibility of a compromised file circulating through an organization.  If any file were to be corrupted it will immediately be flagged in which admins and the file’s creator will be notified.

Source: Hacker News