Ford Halts Customer Orders for Maverick

Issue 107

Car manufacturers continue to struggle to meet demand as Ford Motors has halted customer orders for the Maverick that rolled out last year as the company is unable to meet the vehicles' current demand.

The Ford Maverick has been an appealing option for consumers due to its affordability with a valuation of $20,000. Ford told dealers on Monday that it will stop taking orders for the vehicle as the company is struggling to meet its current orders. Ford also stated that it will resume orders for the 2023 Maverick during the summer of this year.

The semiconductor shortage has sent car prices skyrocketing and with it the value of used vehicles. The Ford Maverick has been a popular option for consumers as the price tag of $20,000 has been an attractive alternative to purchasing overpriced used vehicles.

The suspension of Maverick orders has frustrated dealers as many car manufacturers are limiting the production of affordable cars and focusing their resources on higher-quality vehicles. This has left dealers with few options for vehicles under or around the $20,000 mark. The Maverick has been extremely successful with an estimated number of sales being 90,000 for 2022 and up to 120,000 for 2023.

Source: Reuters