Facebook's "Supreme Court" Rules Against the Company

Issue 56

02.01.21 - Facebook's Oversight Board recently overturned a number of the company's content moderation decisions in the bodies first set of rulings since they began hearing cases at the end of last year.

The Oversight Board, which has affectionately been named Facebook’s “Supreme Court”, announced a few days ago that it overturned the company’s decisions in four out of the five cases it heard. The cases touched on issues ranging from hate speech, to nudity, and COVID-19 misinformation.

Facebook's “supreme court” was created as a new way for users to appeal content moderation decisions on both Facebook and its other platforms like Instagram. The company has faced much political criticism and otherwise over the years on its handling of posts deemed by the platform to be hate speech, violent extremism, misinformation etc. Facebook has stated that the Oversight Boards final decisions are binding.

Recently, Facebook stated that it would defer its suspension of the former president, Donald Trump, to the Oversight Board for a final review. The board will have 90 days from after that to decide whether the Trump ban should be upheld or not. A spokesperson for the board said it expects to "act more quickly than that."

The decisions announced recently suggest that the board may have no issue whatsoever disagreeing with Facebook and overruling their decision.

Source: The Gaurdian