Elon Musk Confirms Over 80% of Twitter Staff has been Laid Off

Elon Musk has confirmed that he has fired over 80% of the entire workforce of Twitter so far. The billionaire took over Twitter in October last year and carried out multiple rounds of layoffs after the $44 billion-takeover. Musk, in an interview with the BBC on Twitter Spaces, announced that only 1,500 of the around 8,000 Twitter employees are still employed at the company.

Musk claims that there were "just under 8,000" staff members when he bought the company. Now, Twitter is left with around 1,500 employees.

Further, Elon Musk was asked if it's hard to fire that many people, Musk responded by saying, "not fun at all" and that it can be "painful". Musk also claimed that he does not fire everyone in person. He said, "It's not possible to talk with that many people face to face."

Elon Musk has claimed his time at Twitter has been "quite a rollercoaster" and things are going "reasonably well". However, Musk claims that he bought Twitter because he had to. Recently, he also announced that Twitter is not even worth half of what he paid amounting to a valuation of around $20 billion.

Despite that, Elon Musk insists he won’t sell Twitter, even if someone paid him $44 billion to completely recover his losses. He later explained that he would only sell it if the purchaser would commit to telling the "truth" in the same way as Musk.