BMW & California's PG&E

Issue 63

BMW Group and California utility Pacific Gas & Electric are rolling out a pilot program that aims to test and understand how EVs could support the integration of green energy on the power grid.

The ChargeForward program, now entering phase 3, is open to PG&E customers who drive a BMW electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. 3,000 drivers can sign up to voluntarily allow their vehicle to be “smart charged” when electric demand is low and green energy supply is high.

Drivers can earn incentives for participating in the program, including $150 at sign-up and an additional $250 per year.

The program is one of the longest-running partnerships between an electric utility and an automaker. The question is how did Tesla miss out on this? Phase 1 and 2 only had 100 and 400 participants respectively, so this latest phase presents an expansion for the collaboration.

Source: TechCrunch