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Issue 22

06.08.20 - Here's a sign that summer travel is rebounding - Airbnb said it's experiencing a surge in bookings as customers emerge from several months of being cooped up in their homes because of Covid-19.

Airbnb revealed that it had more US bookings between May 17 and June 3, which encompassed Memorial Day on May 25, than the same time period a year earlier. That signals Americans are ready to travel, albeit primarily within the United States.

CEO Brian Chesky said he's noticed travelers are preferring to stick to drivable domestic destinations within 200 miles of their home. The malaise of international travel restrictions is making it difficult for people to explore outside of their home countries.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Chesky said customers are booking for one week or longer because of the shift to remote working.

"Work from home is becoming working from any home," he told Bloomberg. He's also seen a rise in domestic bookings in Portugal, Germany and South Korea.

The rise in bookings is coming from a low baseline after the global travel industry came to a screeching halt in late winter as Covid-19 spread. Chesky said he expects this year's revenue to be half of what it was last year.

Source: Bloomberg