Astronauts Complaining About Wi-Fi Service On The Moon

Issue 41

10.19.20 - If you often find yourself unable to get a cell phone signal when you walk around your neighborhood, this will be really ironic: NASA is going to put a 4G network on the moon.

NASA has recently set a goal to build a lunar base and eventually sustain a human presence on the moon by 2028. In step with this ambition, NASA awarded $370 million to about a dozen companies to deploy the technology on the moon’s surface. These technological innovations include things such as power generation, cryogenic freezing, robotics, safer landing ... and none other than 4G - Because how else will astronauts live-tweet their newfound golfing prowess with the moon's lack of gravity?

Nokia's Bell Labs was granted over $14 million for the project. Bell Labs, which was formerly operated by AT&T, will partner with spaceflight engineering company, Intuitive Machines, to build out the 4G network for the moon – sounds silly to say, I know.

Bell Labs stated that NASA astronauts will use its wireless network for data transmission, controlling of lunar rovers, some sort of version of Google maps for the moon apparently and streaming of high-definition video – for those golfing shots of course. That could give those of us on Earth a much better idea shot of the lunar surface and what it is like.

Source: Bloomberg