Apple Has Its Own Ad Business

Issue 70

Apple seems to be gaslighting its neighbors, after releasing a groundbreakings privacy update that further cuts into other tech giant’s Ad revenues and Ad-tech serving methodologies, Apple seems to be further getting into the Ad business itself…by introducing a new Ad unit placement into the App Store and expanding paid placement on the search page.

Apple is prodding a bear that essentially can’t bite back. If Facebook and Google were to embark on a PR campaign as to why people should object to Apple’s new privacy features, they would then have to answer the uncomfortable question of how their business model actually works and the level of data tracking that is involved to make serving Ads operationally effective.

The question does loom, however, will Apple be looking to Ad serving as another stream of revenue? Has the company bitten the proverbial Apple? As of now the company has been very public and transparent about the nature of its App Store Ad business it doesn’t develop Ad profiles in the way that Facebook and Google do, it simply collects your App purchase and download history to connect you with other Apps that you may like.

This move may find its way into the conversation of antitrust hearings. - how Apple has the power to giveth and taketh away through almost everything involving its phones.  They are essentially the government of a digital nation with a population of over 1.4 billion.  Now with the cover of a privacy update, the company can further shamelessly exploit its leverage over software developers.

Source: Mobile Dev Memo