Apple Doubles Down On Privacy

Issue 58

02.15.21 - With the use of the internet becoming a larger part of our everyday lives, the question of cybersecurity is a growing concern for users around the world.  Apple has chosen to take a direct approach to ensure that their customers maintain a high level of security with the upcoming iOS 14.5 update.

Apple’s upcoming 14.5 update will prevent leaking IP addresses to Google by redirecting fraudulent website checks through Apple’s own server.  The goal of this approach is that the URL a user is trying to access will never be shared with a safe browsing provider, such as Google Safe Browsing or Tencent Safe Browsing.  While this approach does still leak the user's IP address, however, these searches will be re-routed through Apple’s server in which all requests will appear to be coming from the same IP address.  This will prevent fraudulent websites from obtaining the users’ IP address and reduce the risk of information leak while using Safari.

Apple’s push for an increase in cybersecurity with iOS 14.5 will also include a feature in which apps are required to request the user’s permission before tracking them across other apps and websites.

The new iOS 14.5 update is expected to release in spring 2021.

Source: Hacker News