Apple Continues It's Bet on Privacy

Issue 64

Apple is planning on taking another step towards providing better privacy for its users by decreasing the ability for an app to track the user for targeted ads.  Apple calls this the app-tracking transparency initiative in which a user will have the decision on whether or not they want an app to track their activity across other apps and websites.

Many companies are opposed to this change to Apple’s software as it poses a risk to business and are now attempting to find various ways to bypass this new privacy initiative.  Facebook has already announced they will likely implement a pop-up that asks the user to allow tracking as it helps personalize ads.

China has taken a different approach by testing a new advertising identifier that would track users without letting them opt out.  However, this advertising identifier (known as CAID) uses a technique called device fingerprinting and this technique has already been banned by Apple.

TikTok stated that it would refrain from using CAID as it would violate the rules that Apple has put in place and result in the app being rejected by Apple products.  With this being said, many previously free apps and services are debating reevaluating their business plan by moving towards charging the user for their product to make up for the perceived loss of profits due to Apple preventing them from using previous advertising methods.

There is no specified date for this upcoming software update, but it will likely be released within the next few weeks.

Source: Wall Street Journal