AI and Labor

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that the inevitable implementation of AI throughout the business world is going to drive serious job change. Fortunately, the use of AI may not eliminate jobs but rather alter current demand.

The World Economic Forum in Geneva published a report on Monday outlining what they believe the impact AI will have on the job market. To begin, the WEF stated that the implementation of AI will drive change in roughly one-quarter of all jobs. AI applications such as ChatGPT, which are designed to simulate human reasoning and problem-solving, will begin to take over and automate roles that involve reasoning, communication, and coordination. Job titles that involve traits include many administrative positions such as data entry and accounting positions.

However, the upcoming loss of specific positions will not be left empty as many organizations believe that with a growing reliance on AI applications various positions within cybersecurity and technology specialists will rise in demand. The WEF believes that with the implementation of AI, roughly 83 million jobs will be lost but an additional 69 million will be created.

Source: CNBC