Advancements in COVID-19 Treatment

Issue 92

Vaccinations have been the preferred approach when it comes to mitigating the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic, however, a biotechnology company known as AstraZeneca has been furthering advancements in Covid-19 treatment that the company says can reduce the development of severe Covid symptoms and even deaths by 50%.

The new drug is known as AZD7442 and consists of two antibodies derived from B-cells from patients who have already recovered from Covid-19. The drug is still in the relatively early stages of development and currently requires the drug to be administered through injection. However, AstraZeneca firmly believes that AZD7442 will be able to be administered through the consumption of pills which would make it the first of its kind.

On Monday, AstraZeneca asked United States regulators to authorize treatment stating that AZD7443 is a great alternative to those who are at risk of Covid-19 but are recommended to avoid vaccination.

During its most recent test, which was conducted on a total of 900 patients, the drug proved to be effective on all age groups, most notably those above the age of 65.

There are some drawbacks to this drug as it is significantly more expensive and more complex to manufacture, however, this could be a significant breakthrough for those who are unable to get vaccinated as AstraZeneca also states that AZD7443 provides immunity to Covid-19 for up to six months.

Source: Financial Times