A Screenshot Just Sold for $69 Million

Issue 62

03.15.21 - If you’re familiar with the world of cryptocurrency, you’ll be familiar with the world of nonfungible tokens.

A digital-only art file in the form of a nonfungible token has just sold for $69.3 million.  Yeah, it might as well be a pdf file. The buyer, who goes by the pseudonym Metakovan purchased the NFT with cryptocurrency. “I feel like I got a steal,” the buyer said in an interview. The transaction was arranged by Christie’s.

The digital artwork file created by Beeple, who has been making money hand over fist selling similar files and has had an online presence since 2007.

While this likely sounds bizarre to normal people, in the dark net world of newly minted crypto millionaires, it’s quickly becoming the norm. Just two years ago someone paid over $170,000 for a digital cat during the CryptoKitty craze. Read More

Source: New York Times